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CompTIA Cloud+ Certification

CompTIA Cloud+ Certification Training in United Kingdom (UK)


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  Feb 10 - Feb 12, 2021

  May 12 - May 14, 2021

  Aug 2 - Aug 4, 2021

  Oct 27 - Oct 29, 2021

  • 3 Days Course



    The CompTIA Cloud+ certification validates the skills and expertise of IT practitioners in implementing and maintaining cloud technologies. Cloud+ accredits IT professionals with the constantly changing and advancing knowledge they need to be successful in today’s cloud environment.


    CompTIA Cloud+ covers competency in cloud models, virtualization, infrastructure, security, resource management and business continuity


    1.0 Cloud Concepts and Models

    • Compare and contrast cloud services.
    • Compare and contrast cloud delivery models and services.
    • Summarise cloud characteristics and terms.
    • Explain object storage concepts.

    2.0 Virtualisation

    • Explain the differences between hypervisor types.
    • Install, configure, and manage virtual machines and devices.
    • Given a scenario, perform virtual resource migration.
    • Explain the benefits of virtualisation in a cloud environment.
    • Compare and contrast virtual components used to construct a cloud environment.

    3.0 Infrastructure

    • Compare and contrast various storage technologies.
    • Explain storage configuration concepts.
    • Execute storage provisioning.
    • Given a scenario, implement appropriate network configurations.
    • Explain the importance of network optimisation.
    • Given a scenario, troubleshoot basic network connectivity issues.
    • Explain common network protocols, ports, and topologies. 3.8 Explain common hardware resources and features used to enable virtual environments.

    4.0 Network Management

    • Given a scenario, implement and use proper resource monitoring techniques.
    • Given a scenario, appropriately allocate physical (host) resources using best practices.
    • Given a scenario, appropriately allocate virtual (guest) resources using best practices.
    • Given a scenario, use appropriate tools for remote access.

    5.0 Security

    • Explain network security concepts, tools, and best practices.
    • Explain storage security concepts, methods, and best practices.
    • Compare contrast different encryption technologies and methods.
    • Identify access control methods.
    • Implement guest and host hardening techniques.

    6.0 Systems Management

    • Explain policies and procedures as they relate to a cloud environment.
    • Given a scenario, diagnose, remediate and optimise physical host performance.
    • Explain common performance concepts as they relate to the host and the guest.
    • Implement appropriate testing techniques when deploying cloud services.

    7.0 Business Continuity in the Cloud

    • Compare and contrast disaster recovery methods and concepts.
    • Deploy solutions to meet availability requirements.

    Pubblico di destinazione

    The Cloud+ course is suitable for those who have already got a working knowledge of around 12-36 months of IT networking, storage or data centre administration, and who would like to be in a position to gain a CompTIA Cloud+ certification.


    If you’re a beginner to IT and Cloud computing, we offer a Cloud Essentials course which may be a more suitable introduction.


    It is recommended you have the following (but not essential):

    • Certification in CompTIA Network+ and/or CompTIA Storage+
    • At least 24 months of work experience in IT networking, network storage, or data center administration