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H9P96S – HPE 3PAR StoreServ 3.2.x New Features and Functions

H9P96S - HPE 3PAR StoreServ 3.2.x New Features and Functions Training


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1 Days Course
Server Infrastructure



This one-day course reviews HP 3PAR StoreServ OS 3.2.1 features and includes:

  • Data deduplication in primary storage, a space reduction technique that identifies redundant/duplicate data in physical storage and maintains only a single copy of data for all the redundant copies.
  • Adaptive Flash Cache, a flash memory-based caching solution which use StoreServ’s SSD drives as cache storage
  • File Persona, a file level storage technology
  • StoreServ Management Console (SSMC) v2, the newest graphical user interface for HP 3PAR array management


At the conclusion of this course you should be able to:

  • Work with Adaptive Flash Cache from the CLI and interpret reports showing the performance gains for random read workloads using AFC.
  • Understand what can and cannot be moved into Adaptive Flash Cache
  • Understand the concept of Least Recently Used queues and LRU queue demotion
  • Work with the StoreServ Management Console (SSMC) GUI
  • Run reports using SSMC
  • Work with Thin Deduped volumes using Management Console, SSMC and the CLI and understand the cost advantages of using deduplication for volumes allocated from expensive SSD capacity
  • Work with File Persona services and understand its benefits vs. traditional block storage allocation.
  • Explain how snapshots work with File Persona
  • Configure and use the built in Antivirus capabilities of File Persona
  • Configure File Persona Quota Management

The following topics are not included in this course:

  • Hands-on hardware installation
  • Hands on with hardware
  • Array installation
  • Service processor
  • Hands-on Peer Motion
  • On-line Import


StoreServ Management Console (SSMC) Overview

  • Architecture
  • Installation
  • Administrator Console
  • Dashboard
  • Wizards
  • Hardware Management
  • Reports and Performance
  • Remote Copy and File Persona

Thin Deduplication

  • Terminology
  • Express Indexing
  • Garbage Collector
  • Compaction and dedup savings
  • Online Volume Conversion
  • TDVVs and Snapshots
  • TDVVs and Remote Copies
  • Thin Clones for non-duplicative VM Cloning

Adaptive Flash Cache

  • Introduction and AFC Explained
  • AFC Data Flow in the Controllers
  • Least Recently Used (LRU) Queues
  • Configuring and Monitoring AFC
  • Adaptive Flash Cache CLI Commands
  • Monitoring Cache
  • Warm-up Time

File Persona Part 1: Concepts and Configuration

  • File Persona Benefits
  • Hardware Requirements
  • Scalability Limits
  • Enablement and Setup
  • Authentication and Authorization
  • Provisioning and Management
  • File Provisioning Groups
  • Virtual File Servers
  • File Stores
  • File Shares

File Persona Part 2: Snapshots, Antivirus, Quotas

  • Snapshot Functionality
  • Snapshot Design Criteria
  • Snapshot Basic Concepts and Lifecycle
  • Snapshot Delete and Reclaim
  • Antivirus Scanning
  • Antivirus Architecture
  • Virtual Scan Engines
  • Virtual File Servers
  • File Stores
  • Antivirus CLI
  • AV Policies Using the CLI
  • Quota Management
  • Quota Management Functionality
  • Import/Export Quotes
  • File Store Quotas
  • Managing Quotas

Pubblico di destinazione

HP 3PAR administrators who desire training on the OS 3.2.1 features and functions


Students must have attended HK902 d.00