HK955 – HP NonStop Platform Management Basic

HK955 - HP NonStop Platform Management Basic Training
HK955 – HP NonStop Platform Management Basic

HK955 – HP NonStop Platform Management Basic

3 Days Course
Server Infrastructure
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Course Details


This 3-day course provides new system operators with an introduction to HP NonStop servers and also shows how to perform basic operator tasks such as monitoring the system, managing print jobs, and working with tapes. This 3-day course is 60 percent lecture and 40 percent hands-on labs using HP servers.


At the conclusion of this course the student should be able to:

  • Be familiar with the Integrity NonStop server architecture, OSM, TACL, and SCF commands
  • Describe computing environments and operator tasks
  • Monitor your NonStop server and its subsystems
  • Demonstrate the use of TACL, FUP, and SCF commands
  • Describe how to manage security, disks, tapes
  • Demonstrate how to view, modify, and correct system spooler and print job problems


Module 1 – Course Overview Module 2 – Design Goals for HP NonStop Servers Module 3 – HP NonStop Architecture

  • NonStop System Hardware Architecture
  • NonStop System Kernel

Module 4 – Operator Tools

  • Introduction to TACL
  • File System Introduction
  • The TACL Environment
  • Working with Spooler Jobs (Peruse)
  • Lab

Module 5 – Managing Files

  • Files System Introduction
  • The File Utility Program (FUP)
  • Lab

Module 6 – Managing Print Jobs

  • Monitoring the Spooler
  • Managing Spooler Objects (SPOOLCOM)
  • Lab

Module 7 – Monitoring Systems

  • Open System Management (OSM) Overview
  • Monitoring Enclosures, Hardware, and Software
  • Event Management Service (EMS)
  • Monitoring Processors
  • The Subsystem Control Facility (SCF)
  • Monitoring Disks, Printers, Tape Drives, and Terminals
  • Lab

Module 8 – Support and Information Services Onsite Delivery

Pubblico di destinazione

  • System operators
  • System administrators


  • Concepts and Facilities for NonStop Systems (U4147S) or
  • At least 6 months operational experience on NonStop servers


  May 15 - May 17, 2019