H9P98S – HPE 3PAR File Persona Software Suite

H9P98S - HPE 3PAR File Persona Software Suite Training
H9P98S – HPE 3PAR File Persona Software Suite

H9P98S – HPE 3PAR File Persona Software Suite

2 Days Course
Server Infrastructure
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Course Details


This 2-day training covers topics related to the File Persona licensed feature of HPE 3PAR Operating System. During the class the students will learn how to install and configure File Persona multiprotocol NAS solution. The topics discussed during the course include File Persona initial configuration, storage provisioning, authentication mechanisms, quota management, data protection with snapshots, antivirus protection, and performance. This training reflects 3PAR OS 3.2.2 and File Persona 1.1.


At the conclusion of this course you should be able to:

  • Describe File Persona solution
  • Perform File Persona initial configuration
  • Configure File Provisioning Groups, Virtual File Servers and create SMB and NFS shares
  • Create File Persona local users and groups
  • Create Quota limits
  • Protect your date with snapshots
  • Integrate File Persona with Active Directory
  • Protect your data from viruses with File Persona antivirus scanning


  • Module 1: File Persona overview
  • Module 2: File Persona configuration
  • Module 3: Storage Provisioning
  • Module 4: Authentication and authorization
  • Module 5: Quota management
  • Module 6: Local disaster recovery
  • Module 7: Active Directory and LDAP authentication
  • Module 8: Antivirus scanning
  • Module 9: Performance and sizing

Pubblico di destinazione

A storage administrator who has been managing 3PAR StoreServ arrays on a daily basis for at least a year. This training is not for an individual who has no experience managing a 3PAR array


Students must have attended Managing HPE 3PAR StoreServ I (HK902)


  Mar 12 - Mar 13, 2019
  May 13 - May 14, 2019