The impact of Sync-E and IEEE-1588

The impact of Sync-E and IEEE-1588 Training | Insoft Specials
The impact of Sync-E and IEEE-1588
  • The impact of Sync-E and IEEE-1588

    2 Days Course
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    The course provides specific knowledge on the impact caused by transporting the Sync-E and IEEE1588 over OTN. It describes synchronization aspects in transport and backhaul optical network in order to plan the most efficient synchronization strategy. The course covers topics such as the principles of Planning and Design for the Sync distribution on the transport network.


    • OTN frame structure and architecture (G.709)
    • OTN frame adaptation principles
    • Mapping of Client signals (CBR/VBR)
    • Generic Framing Procedure (G.7041)
    • Positive and negative justification
    • Mapping and Demapping effects on Sync-E & IEEE1588
    • Jitter and Wander control in OTN (G.8251)
    • ODUk Clock precision
    • Synchronization Reference Chain
    • Transponder features for mapping Sync-E and IEEE1588 mapping
    • Sinchronism in ODUk
    • Case studies

    Pubblico di destinazione

    • Fixed and mobile network engineers involved in Operation, Planning and Design of synchronism distribution.


    • Specific skills on synchronous packet technology (Sync-E, IEEE 1588).



    The course includes practical exercises and software simulators that will be used to better understand and analyze the effects of Sync-E and IEEE1588 over OTN transport.


      Feb 27 - Feb 28, 2019
      Apr 25 - Apr 26, 2019
      Jun 26 - Jun 27, 2019