Understanding Device Evolution

Understanding Device Evolution Training | Insoft Specials
Understanding Device Evolution
  • Understanding Device Evolution

    2 Days Course
    Mobile Networks (Insoft Specials)
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    Course Details


    This course provides trainees with knowledge about the state-of-the-art of mobile devices, with special focus on modern Smartphones. Furthermore, the evolution of both mobile devices and applications is described, with particular reference to the impact on network.


    • Smartphones available on the market
    • Tablet PC or Touch Pad
    • Types of embedded sensors
    • OS, IOS, Android, etc.
    • Widget and Augmented Reality
    • DLNA protocol
    • Near Field communication
    • Environmental sensors
    • Bidirectional touch screens
    • Olfactory sensors
    • Dark Silicon
    • Wireless Recharging
    • PDP Always On
    • Heartbeat procedure
    • Fast Dormancy
    • Bandwidth increase
    • Enhanced Cell_FACH
    • DRX in Cell_DCH
    • Pseudo PDP Context

    Pubblico di destinazione

    • Personnel working for mobile network operators.


    • Mobile network basic understanding.



    This training includes practical activities with next-generation Smartphones, in order to test their new features and to discuss the best strategies to reduce power consumption.


      Mar 14 - Mar 15, 2019
      May 15 - May 16, 2019