VSBC – VersaStack UCS Mini Bootcamp

VSBC - VersaStack UCS Mini Bootcamp Training
VSBC – VersaStack UCS Mini Bootcamp

VSBC – VersaStack UCS Mini Bootcamp

1 Days Course
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Course Details


This 1-day VersaStack Bootcamp is an opportunity for attendees to learn about the VersaStack solution from IBM and Cisco. The morning session will explain how easy it is to use and operate; how it makes efficient use of storage and compute resources and how it is flexible in the deployment of services for users.


Those that choose to stay for the afternoon lab sessions will have the opportunity to configure and demonstrate the flexible deployment of private cloud services using Cisco UCS Director.


  • Explain how moving from Siloed infrastructures to private and public clouds can improve utilization, reduce provisioning times and improve efficiency.
  • Demonstrate how easy it is to setup, use and operate VersaStack through a simple interface – Cisco UCS Director.
  • Explain how VersaStack makes more efficient use of storage resources through in-line compression and IBM EasyTIER data migration.
  • Explain how VersaStack makes more efficient and flexible use of compute resources using Cisco UCS Service Profiles to redeploy servers with different workloads.
  • Demonstrate the flexibility of VersaStack using Cisco UCS Director to present a catalogue of services for users to consume and automate routine tasks.


  • Introduction to VersaStack
  • Cisco Validated Designs and VersaStack worldwide cooperative support
  • Moving from Siloed infrastructures to Private and Public clouds
  • The business benefits of deploying VersaStack
  • Optimising storage utilization in real time with in-line compression
  • Policy-defined Data Migration using IBM EasyTIER
  • Using IBM TurboCompression to manage and virtualize 3rd party storage
  • How to reduce provisioning times by using UCS Service Profiles
  • Using Cisco UCS Director to manage a flexible cloud infrastructure


  • Cisco UCS Manager – Server Provisioning
  • IBM Storwize – SAN and NAS Provisioning
  • Cisco UCS Director – Discovery and Configuration
  • Cisco UCS Director – Monitoring and Statistics
  • Cisco UCS Director – Automation and Orchestration


  Mar 20, 2019
  May 22, 2019