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OpenStack Training

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  • OpenStack Training

    OpenStack is a free and OpenSource cloud management system (CMS) developed by joint efforts of Rackspace Hosting and NASA in 2010. This growing set of python-based projects allows users to deploy virtual machines and other instances either in public or private clouds.

    OpenStack is categorized as Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) offering a platform virtualization and a possibility for developers to easily develop and deploy their applications. OpenStack architecture is based on a core or essential set of projects needed for a successful deployment: Keystone (for Authorization/Authentication), Ironic (for Computation), Glance (Imagine Store), Neutron (Networking), Cinder (Block Storage), and Swift (Object Storage).

    Training Benefits

    • DIY (Do it Yourself) approach to cloud computing, giving you more flexibility;
    • Reduced cost;
    • Embraces the development of new futures;
    • More agile development – developers can quickly move from coding a prototype and running it on small data sets;
    • Reduction of system management overhead thanks to self-service provisioning;
    • Supported by multiple vendors such as Red Hat, Dell, Rackspace, IBM, and HP.
    Product Training


    Essentials of OpenStack Administration

    This 4-days course is designed to accelerate an individual’s understanding of the OpenStack environment. The course focus on how to build and maintain an OpenStack environment.

    Duration: 4 Days
    Upcoming Date
    Mar 22 to Mar 25, 2021
    OpenStack Compute Essentials

    This 2-days course covers the core OpenStack compute projects including Neutron, Nova, Glance, Keystone, and Horizon. This is the same material covered in the first 2 days of OpenStack Fundamentals.

    Duration: 2 Days
    Upcoming Date
    Mar 9 to Mar 10, 2021
    OpenStack Networking – Neutron

    This 3-days course aims to teach you how to use an API to build and configure networking infrastructure. With Neutron, you can create load balancers and firewalls using network virtualization throughout their environment.

    Duration: 3 Days
    Upcoming Date
    Mar 17 to Mar 19, 2021
    OpenStack Object Storage Essentials

    This 2-days course covers all fundamentals necessary for OpenStack Storage. The course focus on the Swift components, architecture, installation, and maintenance.

    Duration: 2 Days
    Upcoming Date
    Mar 10 to Mar 11, 2021