Technical Curriculum Planning Review

Technical Curriculum Planning Review -

Technical Curriculum Planning Review (TCPR)

Insoft’s skilled SMEs can help you review your staff and prescribe the right training courses which they need. With so many different training porgram based on each Cisco portfolio, we can help guide your team which trianing would be best suited for your organization. To realize the full value of IT investments, companies need training solutions that provide timely, low-cost, and targeted skills transfer.


What happens really

We provide a technical resource with industry wide known experience (most of the time CCSI or CCIE level resource), who can conduct interviews with key technical teams to asses existing infrastructure, really go and pick up the indept understanding of technical staff, executive growth/ project milestones. Using information gathered, they will deliver a curriculum map and optimal training delivery schedule based on your unique job roles. We can also design and create an entire training program to accomplish your goals.

Our Initiative and Audience Analyses include:

  • On-site interviews with key initiative leaders and staff
  • Preliminary assessment of current skill sets
  • Determination of training requirements by job role and skills gaps​
  • Report on the based of the current team level and what the organization is going to need in order to coup with ever changing technology and your organization’s needs.


This learning service removes “readiness” risk from your initiative by allowing you to:

  • Utilize training as part of your change management strategy
  • Only invest where it really is needed, you can really prioritize your investment
  • Optimize IT assets and resources



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